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Buckcherry - Mooney's Concert Cove, Arkon, NY - July 5, 2016

 Review / Photos by Thomas S. Orwat Jr. 

Arkon, NY - It could have been one of those forgettable, phone-it-in nights for Anaheim, California rockers, Buckcherry, as a hastly arranged Tuesday evening show at a venue in the middle of nohwere, with an audience of barely 300, would cause most major bands to just go through the motions, and then get the hell out.  But, Buckcherry stood strong, showed their true colors, and gave the small, but ethusiastic crowd a great night of hard-hitting and sleazy rock n' roll.  Their 90-minute performance consisted of many of their hits, fan favorites, and a few off their new CD, 'Rock n' Roll.'

Vocalist Josh Todd, was the star of this show.  He is a bundle of energy, an effective vocalist, and really is one of the best frontman in rock today.  His performace on the hit song, "Sorry," was truly mezmerizing.  Todd channels the spirit of Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger, and had the attention of the audience during the entire performance.  Although he didn't really address the audience that often, when he did, he surely was a bit controversial.  Before the band's biggest hit, "Crazy Bitch," Todd told the crowd that he would more than welcome oral sex from Hillary Clinton, adding that he's a pig and why not?

Todd and his bandmates seem to be headed back to being a controversial, sleazy rock act.  After attempting of being more mainstream and getting away from the use of profanity during their 2010 release, 'All Night Long,' the band has become sleazier than ever.  One of the most popular items at the Buckcherry merch table on this evening was a phallic sex toy, which a good percentage of the audience had no problem shelling out $25 for, and then getting it signed by the band.

Buckcherry seems to be a band content in who and where they are, and although they may not become the next arena rock band as many fans predicted years ago, they will always deliver and give you a good night out.

Special thanks to Stephen Shaw. 

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