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Beasto Blanco‏ - "Live Fast, Die Loud"

by John Jeffrey
When speaking with one of the greatest drummers in rock and roll about the creative aspect of music - specifically regarding song writing - I learned that at times, there can be a tendency to wear your musical influences on your sleeve.  KISS drummer Eric Singer could not have been more right when it comes to his former Alice Cooper band mate, Chuck Garric, and his new band, Beasto Blanco.
When listening to Beasto Blanco's debut CD, "Live Fast, Die Loud" (Rat Pak Records), at first glance, some may easily dismiss Beasto Blanco as a Rob Zombie wanna-be, but when you peel away the layers and get to what this band is really about, you will discover "Live Fast, Die Loud" is really a beast(o) all of it's own.  While the White Zombie, Motorhead and post-2000 era Alice Cooper influences are all clearly audible, the strength of Beasto Blanco lies within the songs, as the assortment of tracks on "Live Fast, Die Loud" is one of the most consistent and cohesive records to come out in a long time.  This is due in large part to the excellent production work by Tommy Henrikson.  Henrikson created a strong, in your face sound, without over thinking things, and giving each song straight forward arrangements that don't sound pro-tooled to death, like a lot of other producers tend to do these days.
Garric tapped Cooper band mate Glen Sobel to lay down the drum tracks for the first three songs recorded for the "Live Fast, Die Loud" CD, which were "Freak," "Live Fast, Die Loud" and "Breakdown," which really set the tone for the rest of the album.  In addition to Sobel, the remaining drum trucks were provided by Tim Husung & Jonathan Mover.  The remaining cast of "Live Fast, Die Loud" features Jan Lebron (bass), Chris Latham (lead guitar), Tiffany Lowe (synth), Mr. Beasto Blanco himself - Chuck Garric (guitar/lead vocals) and Calico Cooper (backing and lead vocals during the breakdown of the song, "Live Fast, Die Loud").  Calico did a great job matching Chuck's intensity on this record, as her maniacal, twisted counterpoint backing vocals do a great job offsetting the testosterone driven guttural growls provided by Garric.
What really puts Beasto Blanco a step above most bands of their genre is the fact that they can pull off the sound of what they created on this record in a live setting.  In order to recreate all of the layering and synth sounds, most acts would require the use of pre-recorded backing tracks and canned vocals, but judging from what I've seen online of their recent performances, Beasto Blanco pulls it all off live, without any 'audio augmentation.'  Beasto Blanco is the real deal, and "Live Fast, Die Loud" is an album every rock music fan should own.

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