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Chicago - Seneca Niagara Casino - Niagara Falls, NY - May 5, 2012

Review by Diana MacDonald, photos by John Jeffrey
Niagara Falls, NY - Chicago, the self-described "rock and roll band with horns," is one of the longest running and successful groups in the history of music.  Needless to say, it was quite amazing to witness their jam packed, sold out show at the Seneca Niagara Events Center.  There was quite a buzz about this concert, as all day long, I encountered  people who were talking about Chicago, discussing how unique their sound is, as well as them being such a big influence during the 70's, and especially for me, in the 80's.  The concert was definitely a can't fail scenario.
And Chicago did not fail to excite the diverse crowd of older and younger fans.  Their near two hour "Greatest Hits" set was much longer than what the Seneca Niagara concert attendees are accustomed to, as most casino shows usually clock in somewhere between 70-90 minutes.  The most excited fan this night was, Barbara Connors, a contest winner, who was picked from a group of fans that were involved in the group's fund raising efforts, to help defeat breast cancer.  Barbara won the rare opportunity to join the band on stage for the song, "If You Leave Me Now." 

The Chicago band is more like an orchestra, as it is comprised of 9 musicians, with 4 of them being surviving members from the original 1967 DePaul University student faculty (where the group got their start).  Chicago truly defines the attitude of the 'whole' being more important than the 'individual' parts.  Their songs are timeless, a point which was even more defined when they performed the Peter Cetera era songs, which were sung by 25 year plus bassist, Jason Scheff.  Scheff did the songs justice, with a near identical delivery to Cetera.  Some people may criticize the band for their ballad slobber selections, but for me, it adds another dimension to their musical legacy, and I'm sure many of their fans (especially those who got turned on to them in the 80's) would be disappointed if they didn't perform those songs.
The energy displayed from these gentlemen was an honor to behold, and honestly it was amazing that more people in the crowd did not feed off of their musical frenzy, and stand up and dance the night away.  I know that I wasn't the only one who was humming, singing and dancing along to the many wonderful songs that were played on that truly amazing evening!