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Interview - The Molice

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Indie rockers from Japan - THE MOLICE- will be releasing their new six-track EP entitled, "Signs,” on December 1st on Good Charamel Records.(for purchase info.,click here)  This female-fronted trio consists of the stunning singer/rhythm guitarist Rinko, guitarist Yuzuru Takeda, and drummer Hirofumi Katsumoto “Paro."  After a brief tour of the USA last year, the band is eagerly looking forward to coming back to rock America once again in 2018. 

THE MOLICE have an unique musical style that incorporates elements from some of rock’s most influential bands, such as The Police, The Doors, and The Pixies.

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with your soon to be favorite new band - THE MOLICE.

Rock Music Star: Congratulations on the release of your new EP, "Signs,"which comes out on Dec 1st on Good Charamel Records.  How do you feel this recording differs from your previous releases?

The Molice: Thank you very much.  We are excited to release “SIGNS!”  It is the first CD with this line up.  So, this recording was very different from previous releases.  And, we really had a great time in Buffalo.  We are getting used to Buffalo.  And we recorded with same team at GCR audio.  It was getting smoother to record, “SIGNS,” than previously.

RMS : What are the some of the lyrical themes on the EP?

This album theme is, “THE POP SIDE OF THE MOLICE.”

RMS: Good Charamel Records is owned and operated by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.  What type of inspiration, guidance, or influence did Robby have on this release?

Robby always tells us his ideas.  It is interesting to find a new approach while discussing about them.  We can come up with new ideas from one idea.  And, he shows respect for artists.  He listens attentively to our feelings and ideas.  He always says, “The artist has the real answer."  We really respect him.

RMS: The last time I saw The Molice perform in 2015, the band had a different line-up.  What led to the change from a quartet to a trio?

We are glad to hear you saw us performing in 2015!  Yes, we have changed the line up since 2016.  We always listen closely what THE MOLICE need to do.  THE MOLICE needed this line up.  We have no choice but comply with THE MOLICE wishes.  We really love this version of the band.  And, it is our intention to make a lot of new THE MOLICE music.

RMS: How long has the Molice been together, and how many releases do you have available in the USA?

This line-up has been together for two and a half years.  We spend most of the time together.  It is a very natural things for us.  You can get six albums available in the USA.

RMS: The Molice has spent some quality time in Buffalo, NY, performing and recording at CCR studio.  What is your opinion of Buffalo, NY, and do you enjoy performing over here?

THE MOLICE’s career in the USA started in Buffalo.  From the beginning, it is surprisingly easy for us to fit into Buffalo’s music life.  Buffalo is like our second home.  It has a lot of beautiful nature and the wide open sky in Buffalo.  THE MOLICE really needs nature . And we can spend a happy time making music there, thanks to a lot of people who are supporting us in many ways.  They always believe us!  We are moved by their thoughtfulness all of the time.  We can have a wonderful musical life, and enjoy life itself in Buffalo.

RMS: Your new video for the song, "Sparkling of the Light," was filmed in Buffalo, NY.  Tell us about the video.  In general, was it a good experience filming it?

This video was filmed at Silo City in Buffalo.  Robby put together a crew, and they shot it in an afternoon.  Thanks to working together with the team, the music video turned out to be a very cool one!  It seems to have a lots energy in Silo City.  So, we were excited to take the music video of, “Sparkling of Light,” there. 
You can feel the energy from the music video.  As we recorded the song, “Sparkling of Light," in Buffalo, we were really glad to make the music video in same city.

RMS: Do you have any plans on going out on a major North American tour to promote the new EP?

We toured in September 2017.  It was a short run and our first bit of touring in the US, but we learned from our experiences that many audiences enjoyed THE MOLICE music in the USA.  So, we will make a plan on the next tour to promote the new EP next spring.  We will release another new album for the next tour.

RMS: What has been the most challenging, and rewarding part of your career, so far?

Recording in the USA, performing in the USA, taking music videos in the USA, and now knowing audiences can enjoy our music naturally in the USA!

RMS: Has your opinion on the USA changed at all, since Donald Trump has been elected as President?

We prepared for touring in the USA, so our tour was going smoothly.  Actually, we often heard that people talked about Trump since he has been elected as President.  We are interested in what people in the USA have a lively exchange of views about their president.

RMS: Would you ever consider moving to the USA to further your career?

Yes, we’d love to!  We really would like to be based in where people want THE MOLICE.  We can feel THE MOLICE is starting to be favorably received by audience in the USA.  So, it is very natural for THE MOLICE to do music activities in the USA.

RMS: What is the music scene like in Japan?  Is Alternative rock popular over there?

Japanese Idol groups, Japanese rock bands, and Japanese pop bands are in the mainstream in the music scene in Japan... I feel that Japanese alternative rock is just a little different from alternative rock in USA.  I think Japanese music scene and style are very own worldview.
RMS: How popular is The Molice in your hometown?  What size venues do you play?

Most people don’t know THE MOLICE in Tokyo, Japan.  The venues we always play can accommodate about 100 people.  But, we have a lot of strong followings.  We are very lucky to have them.  They love music.  They love THE MOLICE music, too.  We don’t belong to any labels in Japan.  Although we can’t broadly advertise our music things, our strong followings trust THE MOLICE through email, SNS etc.  Robby is a very strong supporter, too!  THE MOLICE is really lucky and happy to have had such a great following from the past to the future.

RMS: What is the biggest show, attendance-wise, that The Molice has ever played?

Since this line up, the biggest show in Japan was the, “5th album release party,” in Tokyo.  In the USA, it was at the Music is Art Festival.  We played at Summer Sonic Festival 2007 in Tokyo.  The Goo Goo Dolls played at Summer Sonic Festival, too, in 2007!  What a coincidence!  Oh... it was fate!

RMS: Who were some of your musical influences?

THE POLICE, Pixies, The Doors, Beastie Boys, FUGAZI.  THE MOLICE are influenced by a lot of artists, especially THE POLICE, Pixies, The Doors, Beastie Boys, FUGAZI.

RMS: Thank you for answering our questions here at Rock Music Star.  Best of luck on your new EP, and we hope to see you next time you perform in Buffalo, NY!

Thank you sooooo much!!!

For more on THE MOLICE, click here.

Special thanks to Lesley Zimmerman for setting up this feature.