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Shout out from the Riff-Monster Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of Doyle, and The Misfits

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  • No Cross No Crown
    No Cross No Crown
    by Corrosion Of Conformity
  • KISS: 1977-1980
    KISS: 1977-1980
    by Lynn Goldsmith
  • The Missing Peace
    The Missing Peace
    by L.A. Guns
  • The Book of Souls: Live Chapter (Deluxe Edition) [2xCD+Book]
    The Book of Souls: Live Chapter (Deluxe Edition) [2xCD+Book]
    by Iron Maiden
  • Paranormal
    by Alice Cooper
  • Defying Gravity (Deluxe Edition)
    Defying Gravity (Deluxe Edition)
    by Mr Big

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  • Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC's Back in Black
    Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC's Back in Black
    by Jesse Fink
  • Back in Black [Vinyl]
    Back in Black [Vinyl]
    by AC/DC
  • Public Enemies
    Public Enemies
    by Pretty Boy Floyd
  • The End [2 CD]
    The End [2 CD]
    by Black Sabbath
  • Master Of Puppets (Remastered Deluxe Boxset)(10CD/2DVD/3LP/1Cassette)
    Master Of Puppets (Remastered Deluxe Boxset)(10CD/2DVD/3LP/1Cassette)
    by Metallica
  • Unified
    by Sweet & Lynch
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  • Runnin' with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen
    Runnin' with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen
    by Noel Monk, Joe Layden

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Clutch - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY - Feb 24,2011

By John Jeffrey

Buffalo, NY - On Thursday night, February 24th, Clutch took a break from supporting Motorhead on their current tour, in order to headline, to a packed house in Buffalo's Town Ballroom. Although the group do not have a new CD out (their most recent release was 2009's "Strange Cousins from the West"), Clutch are tearing up the US (alternating between being Motorhead's support act, and headlining shows of their own) playing their favorites from the Clutch catalog.

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Interview - Nelson - Gunnar Nelson

The multi-platinum selling band of the early 90’s, Nelson, have returned with a brand new CD entitled, “Lightning Strikes Twice.” With this release, the blonde-hair Nelson twins return to their melodic stylings that were prevalent on their debut release, “After the Rain.” The Nelson twins, Gunnar and Matthew, poured their heart and soul into this release, and are thankful that they were given a second chance, after being unfairly criticized and dismissed in the early 90’s, when grunge became the flavor of the day.

“Lighting Strikes Twice” is an amazing comeback release with great songwriting, stunning musicianship and amazing vocal harmonies. This CD has the potential to help bring the band back to headlining status, and prove that Gunnar and Matthew Nelson are talented songwriters, and not just a novelty act.

What follows is an exclusive RockMusicStar interview with Gunnar Nelson. During this interview, we discuss the band’s new release, past history and future plans. Here’s what Gunnar had to say.

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Escape the Fate, Alesana, Motionless in White - Town Ballroom, Buffalo NY - 02/16/2011 

By Mike Suicide

Buffalo, NY- Escape the Fate rolled into Buffalo NY to play at the Town Ballroom with supporting acts Alesana, and Motionless in White.  The crowd was estimated at just under a thousand, not bad for an Emo…um…er…Post-Hardcore show on a weeknight.  This genre of music is defined by its heavy rhythms juxtaposed with emotional lyrics and blend of both melodic and screaming vocals.

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Underoath, Thursday, Animals as Leaders, A Skylit Drive - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY - 02/11/2011

Review/photos - Mike Suicide

On February 11th Underoath stopped in Buffalo NY to promote their new album Disambiguation. The tour features supporting bands A Skylit Drive, Animals As Leaders and Thursday. My first impression walking in to the venue was that the crowd was quite diverse. The age of these Hardcore fans seems to run the gamut from 15 to 55. It was nice to see I wasn’t the oldest guy at the show, At 18 years old I clearly remember being mortified that I would end up ‘that guy’.

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Tribute to Gary Moore by guitarist/composer Alyn Syms

Gary Moore – A Guitarist’s Perspective

I opened for Gary Moore at the North Park Theater in Buffalo, NY during the summer of 1984. I had the option to open for him or Paul Young, the British Soul singer and I picked Gary. He was doing something rare during the dismal, laughable 80’s. He was a legitimate rock guitarist who was a virtuoso on his instrument. He didn’t have credits on his records for hair and makeup and his tour wasn’t sponsored by Alberto VO5 and Mabelline Lip Gloss. He also was his own man on the guitar, he had his own sound and style. He didn’t take the 80’s picture with both hands on the fretboard, tapping his way into your heart. More importantly, tapping was the cliché’ of the era, it was fashion not style. You forge your style. That takes guts.
To me there are two types of guitarists, doesn’t matter what type of music you play. Those who know who they are and those who don’t and try to look like they do. Gary Moore was a vituoso who did. He carried himself as such and never compromised his sound or his soul for the big time.

I was excited about playing the show with him. I like a challenge and was hoping my performance would be great.
I was also in trouble with the Mrs. because the gig was on our anniversary. I handled it as best I could, celebrating it with flowers and gifts but when the time came I had to go, so I did.

Whatever could go wrong did go wrong that night. We were set up too far apart, the monitors were lousy, it felt like we playing in two rooms. All this in front of a crowd expecting to see a show. Five minutes into our set I walked up to a band member and said “Hell with it, lets just jam.” I was so annoyed by everything that when the audience applauded I wanted to throw something at them. I looked to the side of the stage and Gary was standing there watching our set. I looked at him, laughed, shook my head and he smiled and gave me a look that was a vote of confidence. I thanked him, finished the set and got the hell off the stage disgusted. Then it only got worse. The promoter decided to clear our dressing room out while we onstage to make room for the party afterward so they threw my clothes in an alley next to the theater, expensive clothes at that. I handled it well, one arming a security guard into a wall and threatening to kill him on the spot unless he told me where they were.
Gary got wind of it, invited me and the boys into his dressing room for the party, made sure we were taken care of, then gave us the names of people in his record company to contact, and said to use him for a reference. I was hoping to have a discussion with him about guitars and while we were talking the door flies open and the autograph seeking groupies came in and took over the room. I thanked him, told him he played great and left. I wound up in a bar with a friend of mine later drinking shots of Jack Daniel’s. I NEVER do that. Plus, it had little if any effect on me, such was my state of mind. Funny thing though, I learned a lot that night. Like Bruce Lee once said, “ Only the doer learns. “
We are the same age, 58. His death reminded me that tomorrow is promised to no one. I’m sure he died with his best music still in him. Call it what you will but I call it success. Any true musician knows that their best song is the one that is yet to be written, their best chops and best music still ahead.

I met a famous actress a short while ago who paid me the supreme compliment. She treated me like a guy, not a fan. Gary Moore treated a struggling rock guitarist from Lackawanna, New York as a fellow guitarist and an equal on one night in June. I just wanted to say thanks.

Alyn Syms Guitarist/Composer