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Gwar - Townball room - Buffalo, NY - 08/01/2013

Review by John Jeffrey, Photo by Diana MacDonald

Buffalo, NY - Imagine standing center stage before the start of a Gwar show, and as the lights come up, you realize that, not only do you have the task of reviewing/photographing the show, but you have acquired the additional duty of being a moving target for Gwar and their stage crew, as they try to spray you and everyone else within reach of their various onstage spew machines. Although the photography equipment remained unscathed, I could not say the same for my person, as I could not avoid a direct blast of green splooge from Gwar front man Oderus Urungus.
While I stood there wondering if the stains would ever come out of my shirt, it reminded me that there’s nothing quite like a Gwar show.
Last Thursday night’s concert at the Town Ballroom was the opening night of Gwar’s North American summer tour. Unfortunately, this summer jaunt is pretty much a hangover from their last tour, as the group is waiting to unleash a brand new show upon the “bohabs” (Gwar fans), after they release their new CD, “Battle Maximus”, which is slated to be released September 17th.
While we will have to wait until the Fall for the “Madness At The Core Of Time” tour, this current tour gives us a sneak peek on what’s yet to come with “Battle Maximus”, as Gwar included the song “They Swallowed The Sun”, from the CD in their current set list. We also got to see the debut of their new guitar player, Pustulus Maximus.

As they always do, Gwar put together a great set list of newer and older material, hitting all of the classic Slave Pit favorites. While seeing Gwar in concert is always a great time, I must admit that I was disappointed in knowing that in a mere few months, they will be performing a brand new show, while the one I just witnessed seemed so similar to the last time I had seen Gwar perform.
In true scum dog fashion, Oderus never shies away from calling out other musicians that rub him the wrong way. This time around, Oderus cited Rob Zombie as the offender, claiming he was instrumental in getting Gwar thrown off a recent tour. He joked that every time he asked Rob if he was the one who had them kicked off the tour, Rob’s only response was, “yeah.”
With Gwar readying their 13th studio album release, it’s great to see the band still at the top of their game at this point in their career. In the words of Oderus Urungus, whether you see them at the “most puke-smeared club, or on the most illustrious festival stages worldwide, prepare yourselves for the most awesome chapter in Gwar’s blood-soaked history yet.” Hail Gwar!

Special thanks to Dana Kaiser.