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VIDEO INTERVIEW Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs

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CONCERT REVIEWS The Goo Goo Dolls return to WNY for the concert of the summer! For review/photos, click here.

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  • KISS: 1977-1980
    KISS: 1977-1980
    by Lynn Goldsmith
  • The Missing Peace
    The Missing Peace
    by L.A. Guns
  • Paranormal
    by Alice Cooper
  • Defying Gravity (Deluxe Edition)
    Defying Gravity (Deluxe Edition)
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  • Featuring: Vinnie Vincent / Jimmy Waldo / Gary
    Featuring: Vinnie Vincent / Jimmy Waldo / Gary
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    We're All Alright! [Deluxe Edition]
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  • XXX: 30 Years Of Girls, Girls, Girls (CD/DVD)
    XXX: 30 Years Of Girls, Girls, Girls (CD/DVD)
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  • Runnin' with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen
    Runnin' with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen
    by Noel Monk, Joe Layden

Interview - Savoy Brown - Kim Simmonds

Kim Simmonds may not be the most famous musician in rock music, but he is definitely one of the most influential- either directly, or indirectly. The 66-year-old Welch guitarist was a British blues/rock music pioneer, starting in 1966, when he formed the band, Savoy Brown. The band relentlessly toured the USA during the late 60’s and 70's, and along the way, survived many line-up changes. But, even though the band had developed a great reputation for an outstanding live show, they never had the big mega hit that took them to the superstar level of popularity.

For decades, Simmonds continued touring and recording, never once giving in to any of the current music trends. He stubbornly stuck to his guns, and never compromised his musical integrity to make a quick buck.

Currently, Simmonds is back on tour with Savoy Brown, in support of a brand new, classic blues-style record, entitled, ‘Goin' to the Delta.’

What follows is an exclusive RMS interview with the legendary musician, Kim Simmonds. During this interview, we discussed the ‘Goin' to the Delta’ record, his outlook on touring, and much more.

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Concert preview - Heart to headline Artpark, Lewiston, NY - 08-05-2014

The one thing you can count on when seeing the legendary band Heart in concert, is that you are guaranteed sonic perfection, courtesy of the usually flawless performances, put on by Ann & Nancy Wilson and company. The band will be back in town next Tuesday, when they perform at the Artpark's award winning, "Tuesday Concert Series." This will be the band's second performance in the WNY area this year; they had played the Seneca Niagara Casino last March.

During that performance, they played a 15 song set, clocking in at just under 90 minutes. The "casual" fans in attendance couldn't have asked for a better song selection.  While a Heart "Fanatic" (ironically the name of their most recent CD from 2012) may argue that point, hoping they'd delve into more of their deep cuts, or other songs from their hit laden period in the mid 80's, the general consensus of the crowd that night was clear- Heart delivered the goods.

With the incredible musical prowess they possess, referring to Ann & Nancy Wilson by their gender, at this point, is simply insulting.  Keeping the same lineup since 2012, Heart sounds better than ever.  Ann still has an incredible voice, and Nancy's driving rhythm guitar- combined with Craig Bartok's fluid lead playing- is simply, sonically satisfying.

Artpark has had a great season, so far, this summer; but it's not over yet. Some of the best shows are yet to come, and this is one of them.

Tickets for this show can be purchased here.


Concert review - Sammy Hagar - Artpark, Lewiston, NY - July 29, 2014

Review/photos by Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Lewiston, NY - All day long, it looked as if the highly anticipated Sammy Hagar show at Artpark could be in jeopardy. It was an unseasonably cold evening, with a few massive nimbus clouds lingering above. But, the only storm that the 9,000+ faithful rockers witnessed, was the rock 'n roll thunder, provided by classic rock hero, Sammy Hagar, and his incredible band, consisting of ex-Van Halen bassist- Michael Anthony, drummer- Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin circa 2007), and guitarist- Vic Johnson.

For full review, click here.


Concert review - Megadeth - Artpark, Lewiston, NY - July 15, 2014

Review - John Jeffrey, photos - Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Lewiston, NY - This past week, the heavy metal veterans, Megadeth, lead by benevolent leader and task master - Dave Mustaine - brought their musical fire and fury to Artpark's "Tuesday in the Park."  Unfortunately, "Metal" seemed to have scared off the masses, as the show's light attendance only seemed to be comprised of the group's most hardcore following.  Quite a shame, as Megadeth not only put on one of the best Artpark concerts I've ever attended, but performed perhaps the best sounding show I've seen out of all of the Megadeth tours I've attended since the early 1990's.

For full review and photos, click here.

To check out the remaining summer shows at Artpark, Lewiston, NY click here.


Concert review - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY, - July 13, 2014

Photos/Review by Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Darien, NY- The Lynyrd Skynyrd/Bad Company co-headlining tour touched down in Darien, NY last Sunday evening. Both legendary bands are celebrating their 40th anniversaries. While they drastically differ, stylistically: Lynyrd Skynyrd are the originators of American Southern rock, and Bad Company was 2nd to Led Zeppelin as England's most popular blues rock export. The 9,000 people of all ages in attendance didn't take sides; they showed equal appreciation for both bands.

For review and more photos, click here.