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VIDEO INTERVIEW Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs

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CONCERT REVIEWS Def Leppard - Darien Lake, NY 08/31/2016. For review, click here.

KISS - "Freedom to Rock" 2016 tour. For review, click here.

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Interview - Supersonic Blues Machine - Lance Lopez

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

If you are looking for a new band to completely rock your world this summer, look no further than the Supersonic Blues Machine.  This incredible trio of musicians, consisting of upcoming Texas blues guitar superstar Lance Lopez, notorious record producer/ bassist Fabrizio Grossi and legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff, have joined forces and created one of the most musically dynamic power trios of the decade.  The Supersonic Blues Machine released their first record, 'West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco' earlier this year and received the highest praise from music critics and rock fans alike.  In addition to the well crafted song writing and incredible musicianship, 'West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco' features guest performances from some amazing iconic musicians: Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top), Warren Haynes, Chris Duarte, Eric Gales, Walter Trout and Robben Ford all rip it up for a track on this record. 

Blues Rock Guitarist LANCE LOPEZ called RockMusicStar to discuss how he became the frontman of the Blues Rock Supergroup, Supersonic Blues Machine, his brand new 'Live In NYC' album and the night he jammed with Prince and Buddy Miles.

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Music Review - Sixx:A.M. - Vol. 1 Prayers For The Damned

By John Jeffrey

Just when people started to count them out, SIXX:A.M. returns with possibly their best album yet, with 'Vol. 1 Prayers For The Damned.'  Being skeptical myself of what their latest offering would bring, after their 2014 disc, 'Modern Vintage,' while being a solid release, showed the band dabbling with more pop orientated song arrangements and even incorporating disco/R&B flavorings (ala Michael Jackson) into their sound, there was definitely a sense that the band was "losing the plot."
Ye believers of little faith need not worry, as the first installment of 'Prayers For The Damned' hits all the pleasure points that fans were missing on 'Modern Vintage' and to some extent on 'This Is Gonna Hurt.' Being the fourth studio album from the trio, this CD represents the band’s most ambitious, complete and adrenaline-soaked effort to date.  The album also boasts first-class production and mixing by vocalist James Michael and original artwork from guitarist Dj Ashba, proving that this collection of music is a true labor of passion.  One cannot deny how focused and cohesive this album of music is, and this is perhaps due to Dj taking the decision to leave Guns ’N’ Roses and Nikki Sixx wrapping up his touring career with Mötley Crüe. There are no distractions any more and the band definitely appears to be 100% dedicated to SIXX:A.M. now.
Lyrically, 'Prayers For The Damned' sees the trio casting their glance out onto the world we live in more than ever before, as there is still a great deal of the personal introspection the band have come to be renowned for represented here.  Musically, 'Prayers For The Damned' includes some of the heaviest songs that band has ever written.  As Nikki Sixx puts it, “These are the songs that are designed to get a reaction from a live crowd as much as they are going to sound brilliant over your stereo.”  The eerie overtones that have been missing on the past couple of releases are back as well, as songs like "Better Man" and "When We Were Gods" sound like songs that could have easily been written and recorded for 'The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack.'
The bottom line is that SIXX:A.M. are back, swinging with a collection of songs that will fire up both the head and heart in equal measure.  SIXX:AM have found their way back to their true sound and are producing art that refuses to be led by anything but their own desires.  As Nikki puts it, “This time around we have really found what the voice of SIXX:A.M. is and I hope that when people listen to them they will hear their voice too.”  If Vol.1 is any indication of how great Vol.2 is going to be, the future will be incredibly bright for SIXX:AM.


Concert review - Bad Company / Joe Walsh - Darien Lake PAC, Darien, NY - June 7, 2016

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. , photo by A. Ellis Cairns

The ‘One Hell of a Night’ tour, featuring classic rock legends, Bad Company and Joe Walsh, kicked off the concert season at Darien Lake this past Tuesday.  The evening certainly lived up to be “One Hell of a Night," with Walsh and Bad Company playing a great collection of hits.  Although it was unseasonably cold (down to 55 degrees when Bad Company hit the stage at 9:30pm) and the overall ticket sales were low - just hours before show time, the venue was filled with passionate music lovers by the time Walsh played his first note.

For full review, click here. 


Interview - Thin Lizzy / Black Star Riders - Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson, Scott GorhamBy Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Damon Johnson is living his rock n' roll dream.  The 51 year old musician from Monroeville, Alabama has just released an impressive 5 song EP entitled, 'ECHO.'  This release proves that Johnson is a unique, truly well rounded musican, singer and songwriter.  In addition, Johnson will be touring Europe next month with the classic rock band Thin Lizzy, which he joined in 2011 as a co-lead guitarist.

Johnson, first received international acclaim with his band, Brother Cane, which he fronted from 1990-1998.  The debut album from Brother Cane sold over 250k units.  Soon after, Damon began writing with some of music's biggest stars, such as Stevie Nicks, Faith Hill and Sammy Hagar.  This eventually lead to Johnson landing a gig in 2004, as a co-lead guitarist with one of his music idols, Alice Cooper.  While with "the Coop" (how Johnson refers to Alice Cooper), he co- wrote the 2005 album,'Dirty Diamonds.' Johnson rocked and shocked the music world from 2004-2011 performing with the Alice Cooper band. 

Then in 2011, he received a call from Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham asking if he would be interested in joining Thin Lizzy.  It was a difficult decision for Johnson, but with the blessings of Alice Cooper, Johnson decided to leave the Alice Cooper band and take on an even bigger role as an integral part of Thin Lizzy. At first, Thin Lizzy was to only perform classic Thin Lizzy songs, but as time went on, Johnson, Gorham and vocalist Ricky Warwick decided that they wanted to write new music. 

In 2012, the decision was made to let the Thin Lizzy legacy rest, and record new material under a diiferent band name.  They decided on "Black Star Riders" as the new band name.  Since then, the Black Star Riders have released two critically acclaimed records that play tribute to the vintage Thin Lizzy style duo guitar attack, but with a bit more of a modern edge.  This is a band which will be a dominant force in rock music for many years to come. 

What follows is an exclusive interview with Damon Johnson.  In this interview, we discuss his new EP, 'ECHO' and much more. 

For full interview, click here. 



By John Jeffrey
KISS' first appearance on the big screen was in 1979, as Avco-Embassy released the made for television movie, "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" (which originally aired on October 28, 1978), in cinemas outside the United States, with translations of the title, gave the film different monikers.  Mostly referred to as "Attack of the Phantoms," it wouldn't be for another 20 years that we would see KISS in a feature film, as they appeared in the climatic ending of "Detroit Rock City," during a concert sequence no less, performing the title song of the movie.

For full review, click here

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