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VIDEO INTERVIEW Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs

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CONCERT REVIEWS Doyle / Davey Suicide - Niagara Falls, NY. For review, click here.

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    Louder Harder Faster
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Concert review - Kopek - Boulevard Mall , Amherst, NY - May 17, 2011

"Karousing with Kopek"
Review by John Jeffrey , Photos by Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Amherst, NY - Ever since Thomas ( webmaster) and I attended Kopek's private acoustic show (here in Buffalo) not too long ago, we've both been sold on the fact that Kopek is an amazing band, on the verge of being hugely successful. So when it was confirmed that Kopek would be coming back to the area, opening for Hinder (in Niagara Falls, NY), I was really psyched to go see them live - full on electric.

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CD Review - Warrant - "Rockaholic" 

John Jeffrey reviews the new CD by Warrant.  To read the review, click here


Interview - Sixx: A.M. - James Michael 

Five years ago, James Michael had all but given up the dream of being a 'rock star.'  After a failed attempt as a solo artist, James had become content with working behind the scenes for other musicians, producing and writing for legends like Meatloaf and (more recently) the Scorpions.
But out of nowhere, James Michael found himself thrust into the spotlight, as the frontman of Sixx: A.M, touring the US for the first annual (Motley) Cruefest, as Nikki Sixx's mere 'soundtrack' to his autobiography ("The Heroin Diaries") became a hit that no one really expected.
That was four years ago.  James is now enjoying the fact that Sixx: A.M. has another hit on their hands, as "This Is Gonna Hurt" (released May 3, 2011) debuted in Billboard's Top 10 album chart.  However, this time, don't expect to see Sixx: A.M. hitting the road anytime soon, as both Nikki Sixx and Dj Ashba, have tours coming up with both of their respective, 'main' bands.  Aside from the CD's tie in with Nikki's photography book (of the same name), the group have been discussing some alternate ways to promote "This Is Gonna Hurt."
While James is in the midst of writing for a myriad of other projects, he took the time to call us here, at, to catch us up on what he's been doing, and what lies head for Sixx: A.M.

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Interview - Tyler Bryant - "The next Guitar God"

At only 20 years of age, Texas born guitarist/singer/songwriter Tyler Bryant has already achieved much more than many musicians have accomplished in their lifetimes.  Tyler started playing guitar at the age of six, and quickly mastered the instrument.  At the age of 13, he started performing and writing songs.  At age 15, he was the winner of the prestigious Robert Johnson Gibson New Generation Award, for upcoming, young guitar players.  It was at this time, that he caught the eye of acclaimed rock photographer, Robert M. Knight.  Soon after seeing the amazing amount of talent that Tyler had, Knight took him under his wing, and included Tyler in his documentary entitled, “Rock Prophecies.”  From there, Tyler was thrown into the spotlight, and received accolades from some of the greatest guitar players on the face of the earth.

Fresh off an extremely successful and acclaimed tour with Jeff Beck, Tyler is now gearing up for the next phase of his career, which will consists of a new CD and a follow up summer tour.  

What follows is an exclusive interview with this generation’s new guitar god, Tyler Bryant.  In this exclusive RockMusicStar interview, Tyler discusses his tour with Jeff Beck, living on the road, the “Rock Prophecies” movie, and much more.

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CD Reviews - SIXX: A.M. and The Trews

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