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VIDEO INTERVIEW Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs

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CONCERT REVIEWS Doyle / Davey Suicide - Niagara Falls, NY. For review, click here.

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    DOYLE Band Icon Wolfgang von Frankenstein T-Shirt
  • Doyle II: As We Die
    Doyle II: As We Die
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  • Made From Fire
    Made From Fire
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    Dean Markley 8802 Misfits Skull Busters Electric Guitar Strings (11-52)
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  • Louder Harder Faster
    Louder Harder Faster
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Interview - Jamie McLean - Jamie McLean Band

You may not be familiar with the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Jamie McLean right now, but you most certainly will become a big time fan, after you check out his brilliant work.  Although it may be easy to dismiss Jamie McLean as just another Eric Clapton clone, as he certainly does resemble the legendary guitar god, and his guitar and vocal style is sort of similar.  However, and dare I say it, McLean distinguishes himself from Clapton, with a unique style, that is fresh, innovative and exciting.  

Mclean began his career as a guitarist that focused on speed and technique.  But soon after joining up with the world renowned New Orleans band, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Mclean realized that one note played with enough emotion and feeling, was more effective than over playing.  He incorporated that philosphy in his playing, and has become an even better guitarist.

While with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, McLean toured the world, and performed with many A-list artists including Norah Jones, Elvis Costello, and Chuck D.  But in 2006, McLean left the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and decided to branch out, and take center stage, by forming an all out rocking blues/rock band.  Mclean then recruited band members Brian Griffin on drums, and Ben Mars on bass.  The Jamie Mclean Band was now born and ready to dominate the world of rock & blues. 

This year, The Jamie Mclean band will be releasing four EPs, to coincide with the four seasons of the year.  So far, the first release, “Time of My Life,” is the band’s best work of their career.  It is a rockin' blues masterpiece, that will certainly help establish the band as one of the best in their genre.

The Jamie Mclean band is currently out on the road.  If you can, you must check out, their all-out, live performance.  In the meantime, please take this time, to get a little more acquainted with Jamie, by reading the exclusive interview posted here


Concert review - Kopek - CGR studios - Buffalo, NY - 03-30-2011

Review by John Jeffey
Photos - Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Buffalo, NY - Today, at Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac's GCR recording studio, in downtown Buffalo, webmaster - Thomas Orwat Jr. and I (John Jeffrey), were invited to a private acoustic concert, performed by the band Kopek. Tom and I were part of an exclusive group of less than a dozen people (comprised of members of the press and a few lucky fans) who witnessed a great performance, by a new uprising band out of Dublin, Ireland.

For entire review and more photos click here


Video interview - Kopek - Daniel Jordan


Photo gallery - Bret Michaels - Foxwoods MGM Grand Theater, Ledyard, CT - 3-25-2011 

For more photos click here.


Interview - Stryper - Michael Sweet

As the main songwriter, vocalist and co-lead guitarist of the multi-platinum selling Christian rock band, Stryper, Michael Sweet accomplished many feats that were previously unheard of in the non-secular music genre. Not only was Stryper uncomprising in their Christian beliefs, but they were musically competent as well. The band sold millions of records, had a top 40 hit in 1986 with “Honestly” and toured the world many times over. They amassed a devoted fan base that relentlessly supported the band. Stryper set the standard, and their accomplishments have yet to be repeated by any other hard rock Christian band.

In February of this year, Stryper has released a CD called “The Covering.” This CD is unique, in that it features Stryper covering songs from bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Ozzy. Not really something you would expect from a Christian rock band. But, Stryper has never played by the rules. And they made a great decision because the “The Covering” is receiving great reviews from fans and critics alike. In addition to the reworked cover songs, this CD also contains one original song entitled, “GOD,” which many are referring to as best Stryper song ever written.

Stryper is currently on tour in North America and will tour over in Europe starting in late May.

Recently, Michael Sweet contacted us here at to discuss the recent happenings in the Stryper camp. Michael is one determined, focused, intense and passionate musician. He pulls no punches - with his music or discussing it. During this exclusive interview, Michael talks about the band’s decision to record the “The Covering” and much more.

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