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Sins of America - Rob Wylde - Interview

By Deb Rao recently caught up with Sins Of America front man Rob Wylde. Sins Of America recently released a five song EP Own Best Enemy that is full of hard driving hooks and catchy vocals reminiscent of the 80's metal heyday infused with a modern day twist. The band is breathing new life into the Boston hard rock scene with its infectious groove and over the top live performances.
Lead singer Rob Wylde reveals Exclusive upcoming recording details, how the band came to fruition, and upcoming tour details. Rob, Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Where do Sins Of America hail from?
ROB: I am from Nottingham, England. I moved over here from America in 2008. Tell us about the writing process for your debut EP, Own Best Enemy. It sounds a lot like Danger Danger and has a great 80's metal vibe to it.
ROB:  I grew up listening to Danger Danger, Warrant, RATT, and all those cool melodic pop metal bands. I was really influenced by really good melodies, good hooks and big choruses like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard style choruses. I brought it over to these guys over here in America. They seemed to dig it. I think we kind of do an updated version of it. Now the rest of the band is from Boston correct?
ROB: Actually my band from the U.K. Teenage Casket Company is kind of on hiatus right now. I was looking to start a new band. I was kind of burned out on the whole scene in England. So I started looking around and the funny story I met Evan and our drummer Shawn through myspace. We started emailing back and forth the kind of bands we were into and stuff. He was looking for a band, and I was looking for a band. So I booked a flight with my guitar to Boston. I always do really stupid things and never really think about it. So I went to America to put a new band together. If it didn't work out I would just call home. The other guys are all from Boston as well. How do you find the metal scene in Boston versus performing in the U.K.?
ROB: It is cool for me. Teenage Casket Company did two tours of America before. I think it was really cool because it was all new to us being in America and to be playing in bars and all that kind of stuff. Actually, living here is not that much different than living in England. You can play on a Sunday night and pack the place with 300 people than you can play on a Tuesday night in front of ten people it is 3000 miles away but it is really not different. There are good nights and bad nights. American people interest me that is why I moved over here. Are you happy with the outcome of the EP? Any plans to put out a full length CD? 
ROB: Yes, there are 5 songs on it. The production is not that great but the things for us was to have the songs filled with energy and enthusiasm are all there. We are actually going into the studio in two weeks to record a full-length album. We are going to be working with a guy who has worked with My Chemical Romance, The Used and a bunch of big time bands. He works for a studio called TB Studios in Boston. We are going in to record the album and hopefully have at least two songs that we can put online this time next month. What do you think makes a good song?
ROB: Melodies, melodies, melodies. As much as I love the hair metal stuff I like Survivor and Heart and Loverboy and all that good stuff. I can hear some AC/DC vibes going on with the guitar riffs on the EP.     
ROB: That is definitely Chris our guitar player. That is a cool thing to bring to the table. He has got a Keith Richards kind of like sleaze vibe to his playing. To me it is all about melodies and huge choruses. So you sing them in the shower, you sing them when you are driving down the road in your car. That is what I try to do and make sure everything sounds as melodic as possible. Then you click on the guitars on that and you got Sins Of America. It is great to have a new band on the music scene that brings that LA Sunset Strip vibe to the scene. Do you agree?
ROB: Yes, we have been playing for a year and a half in Boston and on the East Coast and we have yet to meet a band that sounds like us. On every bill that we play, we are always kind of like the sore thumb and everyone goes what the hell! (Laughter) The cool this is even when we play with some real heavy bands when we finished playing I think everyone has a soft spot for Poison or Motley Crue no matter what you are into. When we play it is like a real big show. So even if you don't like our music you won't be bored with our performance. The songs keep you entertained. Are you going to be playing any big Festivals Overseas this summer? 
ROB: We got some stuff in the works. Quite recently I played in Europe with Steevi Jaimz who was the original Tigertailz singer. I played a touring guitar player. I made a lot of contacts in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. It is really jumping over there. We got an offer to play in Copenhagen, Denmark in October a Festival called Rock The Night. It always happens about Halloween night. I have a lot of connections with Teenage Casket Company so hopefully we will play more shows in Europe. Everybody wants to see my American band play there. If we do the Sweden thing, we will probably do the U.K. as well. I got a list of contacts in Italy as well. For America we are going to play as much as we can. We hope to get over to LA as well. Is there anything else that you want to say about the new album and tour?
ROB: I just want to say, we got a new album coming out. We got a new single coming out online in about a month's time it is called "Let The Good Times Roll". Everybody should check out the site on  and facebook at    We got our own youtube channel. We got a video out for "Own Best Enemy” We are going to be making a new video for the new single as well.   Hope everyone comes out and sees us cuz we are going to kick your ass. We are playing the JagFest with Dangerous Toys on April 3 in Southbridge, MA.    

Sins Of America Tour Dates

Apr 3

Apr 12 2010 8:00P 

Apr 25 2010 8:00P
 O’ BRIENS Allston, Massachusetts
May 1 2010 8:00P
 HONEY FITZ PUB Malden, Massachusetts
May 28 2010 8:00P
 THE SPACE Hamden, Connecticut
Jun 5 2010 8:00P
 THE RAVEN Worcester, Massachusetts