Mach Bell, Former Lead Singer with the Joe Perry Project, Releases Book and Brand New Audiobook

Mach Bell, Former Lead Singer with the Joe Perry Project, Releases Book and Brand New Audiobook

In 1979, Joe Perry shocked Aerosmith fans by abruptly leaving his band during the difficult recording sessions for what became “Night in the Ruts.” The guitarist immediately formed his own Joe Perry Project. Each JPP record featured a new lineup of the group, the final one enlisting the talents of Boston singer Mach Bell, who had become a local legend as the frontman for the hard-hitting glam band Thundertrain. The choice made a whole lot of sense.

Mach explains his early days in rock and roll “People started calling me “Rock Star” even though I was just this skinny, broke kid. Only because I was acting like I knew exactly what I was talking about.”

After a few trips hitch hiking to Los Angeles and five years of high energy Thundertrain shows at Max’s Kansas City, Boston’s Rat, the Cleveland Agora and CBGB’s, Mach did start to know what he was talking about.

Joe Perry’s brand new management took notice and invited Cowboy to audition for the Project. Thus began a high voltage rock’n’roll journey that is highlighted in his new book.

In 1982 Mach and the Project headed out on an often-tumultuous series of tour dates in an old van. Bell kept a detailed journal of their non-stop adventures.

After over a year and a half on the road, Mach co-wrote (with Joe Perry) the 1983 Project album,”Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker.”

In the midst of the“Always a Rocker”1984 tour dates, Joe announced that he was quitting the Project to rejoin Aerosmith. These experiences have been documented in a fast-paced new book based on the journals of Cowboy Mach Bell, titled after the album he made with Joe Perry.

Available online in paperback, eBook and as a bonus-content audiobook on Audible. “Once a Rocker, Always A Rocker: A Diary.”

Visit Cowboy Mach at

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