Lawrence Gowan- STYX – Rock Interview Series #32 – video interview

By THOMAS S. ORWAT, JR. Welcome to episode #32 of the Rock Interview Series! FOR INTERVIEW CLICK HERE This episode features keyboardist/singer/songwriter/composer – Lawrence Gowan of the legendary band STYX. During this exclusive interview, Lawrence discusses the EPIC new STYX release: “Crash Of the Crown,” which was released on June 18th. This is the seventeenth... Continue Reading →

Flashback Interview – Dee Dee Ramone

This is an interview that I conducted on September 7, 1992 with the legendary, punk-rock icon- Dee Dee Ramone. The interview was conducted in his hotel room in downtown Buffalo, NY, a few hours before he hit the stage with his new band - Dee Dee Ramone and the Chinese Dragons at the Continental night... Continue Reading →

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