Peter Frampton – Erie County Fair, Hamburg NY – 08-11-2010


By Thomas S, Orwat, Jr.

Hamburg, NY – The Erie County Fair kicked off yesterday with a brilliant concert from rock legend Peter Frampton. The grammy award superstar played close to a two hour set that included many classics from his multi-platinum ground breaking 1976 live release “Frampton Comes Alive.” Although, the show was far from a sell out, there was still a respectable audience of approx. 1500.

Frampton was in a playful mood, often stopping to pose for pictures for the many fans that gathered at the front of the stage. He wasn’t afraid to stop between songs and speak to the audience. He mentioned that his new CD “Thank you Mr Churchill” is available on vinyl. He then advised the audience not to play that format it in their cars. He than joked that he was hoping that it would be available on 8-track, so he could play it in his truck.

Early in the show, Frampton played the Humble Pie classic “Four Day Creep” to the delight of his die-hard fans. However, it took most of the audience a little bit longer to act like they were at a ROCK concert. Perhaps because the show started early at 7:40 with no opening act. But they came to life after Frampton performed the classic “Show Me The Way.” And I’m sure that the alcohol started kicking in as well. The party now finally began and Frampton and band sensed it too. They cranked it up a couple notches and Frampton ruled the stage with his extended solos and flawless vocals.

Highlights of his show included an intense version of “Black Hole Sun.” On this track Frampton just ripped on his guitar. His intense tone of his black Gibson Les Paul just cuts right through you. Frampton also used his signature vintage talk box during this track and several others throughout the evening.

Also noteworthy, were performances of “Baby, I Love Your Way,” “Feel Like I Do” and an encore which included an absolutely stunning and passionate version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”  This was a AMAZING show. And if the jammed packed lines at the merchandise table after the show were any indication, most fans felt the same way too.


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