Doyle, Davey Suicide – The Evening Star – Niagara Falls, NY – 06/29/2017

doyle 5

Photos by Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Niagara Falls, NY – Former guitarist of the Misfits, Doyle Von Frankenstein, brought his band, Doyle, into town for an evening of intense, hard rock.  Doyle, which in addition to Doyle Von Frankenstein, also consists of Alex Story- vocals,  Brandon Pertzborn – drums, and Brandon Strate – bass, played a high energy, 14-song set to a small, but dedicated audience.

Doyle 2 fb

This was the final date on his 27-date, ‘Abominate the World Tour 2017,’ with special guest opener, Davey Suicide.  For this particular show, four local and upcoming bands, Optic Oppression, Exham Priory, Cooked Generation, and THIS, also performed.

doyle 4

Doyle hit the stage and slammed right into, “Abominator.”  From the first note, this band was in the zone, firing on all cylinders.  Von Frankenstein is a monster on stage, romping around like a caged tiger, punishing his homemade guitars, and playing the most brutal riffs of his career.  He is true rock legend and quite a sight to watch perform.

Doyle 6

Bugged-eyes vocalist, Alex Story- who is also the leader of the horror punk band- Cancerslug, was one of the most passionate and intense performers that I have ever witnessed.  He also has a strange sense of humor, announcing before every song, “This is a love song, one that you can dance to, if you would like.”

Doyle ruled on this evening, playing a good mix of tracks from their 2013 release, ‘Abominator,’ and their recent release, ‘As We Die.’  This is a band that pulls no punches, and one of the best hard rock/metal bands currently out on tour.

d suicide x

The Hollywood glam-goth band, Davey Suicide, played before Doyle and performed a very entertaining set. The band, which consists of Davey Suicide – vocals, Drayven Davidson -drums, Niko Gemini -guitar, and Derek Obscura – bass, played in low lighting, utilizing a lot of red light to create a very eerie, hell like aesthetic, although they did rely on a ton of backing tracks- the guitarist even played with a glove on his fret hand.  Bottom line is that this band has true star power, and now that they have a proper record contact in place, their will be no stopping them.

d suicide 2

d suicide 5

Doyle – Setlist 06-29-2017
Beast Like Me
Run For Your Life
Learn to Bleed
Dreaming Dead Girls
King of the Undead
God of Flies
Valley of Shadows
We Belong Dead
Kiss Me As We Die

Special thanks to Tom George for press credentials. For more on Doyle, please click here.


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