Max Cavalera – Soulfly – Rock Interview Series-Episode #69

Welcome to episode #69 of the Rock Interview Series. I’m Thomas Orwat, Jr., and it is February 18, 2023, and for this feature, I have metal legend Max Cavalera of SOULFLY and formerly of Sepultura as my featured guest.

During this interview, Max talks about the recent Soulfly release, “Totem,” the bands current North American tour and he reflects on Soulfly’s 25-year career.

In addition, Max discusses about how he feels about the thought of reuniting with Sepultura and what it was like touring with Pantera.

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From Blabbermouth

Max addressed the possibility of the classic SEPULTURA lineup reunion in a new interview with Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. of Rock Interview Series. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “I’m very, very busy right now with all the projects, ’cause I’ve got so many — SOULFLY being my main band, but also GO AHEAD AND DIE with my son Igor, and KILLER BE KILLED. And I’m already playing a lot of the old stuff with my brother; that, to me, right there, it fills the void anyway.

“So, yeah, I don’t think about that at all,” Max said in regard to a SEPULTURA reunion. “At this moment, I don’t need to do anything like that. I think at this moment I’m so busy with the stuff that I have in front of me, and the fans love all the stuff that I’ve been doing anyway. There’s no point, really. ‘Cause I haven’t even thought of that idea in a long time. But I think that my main thing right now is SOULFLY… And I love the fact that SOULFLY just keeps getting stronger and stronger with every record. And I look forward to the time to write the next one. It’ll be another challenge and another chance to make something good again.”

Max, who has spent the last few years playing SEPULTURA-centric shows with his brother, former SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera, discussed his views on the PANTERA comeback in an interview with Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. of Rock Interview Series. He said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “There’s two sides for that, right?! It’s so tough, because [on] one hand I understand that the fans wanna see it, and you still have somewhat a big part of that band, but you are missing two key elements on the brothers that are irreplaceable, in my eyes. So it’s tough. It’s really tough.”

He continued: “The only thing that maybe… It’s a little bit strange that they call it PANTERA. It should be called some kind of tribute to PANTERA — I think. It would have been a little bit more of a tribute to those songs and to that era. Because I don’t really think it’s PANTERA without the brothers.”

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