Philip Shouse – Ace Frehley band

By John Jeffrey Being a lifelong KISS fan, performing onstage with one of the members of your all-time favorite band is a dream come true for any musician.  For Philip Shouse, not only did he live the dream as being a member of the Gene Simmons solo band, but lighting struck twice for Shouse, as... Continue Reading →

Eric Singer – Kiss – Interview

By John Jeffrey After meeting, talking to and interviewing countless artists in the music industry, you can develope a pretty good gauge on who are the "salesmen," the bullshitters and the 'real deal' straight-shooters in the scene. Longtime KISS drummer Eric Singer definitely falls in the latter category. Although 2017 and 2018 hasn't been an... Continue Reading →

Mark Slaughter – Slaughter – 04/24/2017

  By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. Mark Slaughter, vocalist/songwriter of the multi-platinum, hard rock/glam-metal band, Slaughter will be releasing his second solo record entitled, 'Halfway There,' on May 26th.  The first single from this release, "Hey You," was posted last month, and has already received very positive feedback from both fans and music critics. Mark... Continue Reading →

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