Ted Nugent -Rock Interview Series – Episode #43 01/20/2022

BY THOMAS S. ORWAT, JR Welcome to episode # 43 of the Rock Interview Series with special guest the legendary rock icon TED NUGENT. Over his 50 year plus career, Nugent has sold over 40 million records and performed over 6750 high energy live shows. Nugent is also responsible for creating some of the most... Continue Reading →

Carmine Appice – 04/24/2014

 By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. During his extraordinary 48 year career, legendary drummer/percussionist, Carmine Appice, has collaborated with an impressive group of A-list rock royalty. This includes the likes of Rod Stewart, Ozzy, Ted Nugent, Jeff Beck, and Michael Schenker, to name a few. Carmine's unique, hard-hitting drumming style has also influenced thousands of drummers... Continue Reading →

Charlie Huhn – Foghat – 07-14-2010

By Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. The classic rock band Foghat has just released a hard rockin’ blues style record entitled "Last Train Home." This Cd is simply brilliant and should help re-establish Foghat as one of the most electrifying bands on the planet. Foghat currently consists of classic line-up members Roger Earl-drums and bassist Craig... Continue Reading →

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