Ted Nugent -Rock Interview Series – Episode #43 01/20/2022


Welcome to episode # 43 of the Rock Interview Series with special guest the legendary rock icon TED NUGENT.

Over his 50 year plus career, Nugent has sold over 40 million records and performed over 6750 high energy live shows. Nugent is also responsible for creating some of the most intense hard rock songs ever recorded with “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Stranglehold,” “Free-For-All,” “Fred Bear” and many many more.

At 73 years of age, Nugent shows no signs of slowing down. On April 29, 2022- Nugent will be releasing his 16th studio album entitled, ‘Detroit Muscle.’ A single from this record has already been unleashed called “Come and Take It.” This is vintage Ted Nugent, with great guitar work and lyrics that are a big middle finger to anti-gun ownership politicians. This record is powered by the kick ass rhythm section of Greg Smith on bass, and Jason Hartless on drums.

During this 1 hour long interview, Nugent was in a great mood, and was his usual verbose self. I had many questions for him, but decided to let him do most of the talking on a variety of topics very close to his heart. He truly is a fascinating individual and even did some jamming on one of his beautiful Gibson Byrdland guitars, playing the riffs to some of his new songs and classics as well.

So get ready, here he is TED NUGENT!

For more on Ted Nugent, including tour dates and pre-orders for ‘Detroit Muscle’ visit www.tednugent.com


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