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. Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch talks to John Jeffrey about his new documentary called, "Hired Gun." For Interview, click here.

Goo Goo Dolls John Rzeznik joins Daryl Hall for two shows in the Western New York area. Check out our review of the first show in Niagara Falls, NY. For review, click here.

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Interview - Grand Funk Railroad - Don Brewer

By John Jeffrey

If one were to look up Grand Funk Railroad on Wikipedia, they would read how the "American rock band," made a name for themselves by "touring extensively" in the 1970's.  Although it's been nearly 50 years since the group's formation, and founding front man Mark Farner is no longer in the band, 2016 is shaping up to be Grand Funk's busiest year for touring in over 15 years.  While the whole concept of the "record then tour" cycle has been thrown out the window for many years now, GFR would usually resign themselves to summer fly-in dates, however, this year, the band have been doing dates since January, and are booked all the way up through October of 2016.
Western New York has been a regular stop for 'Railroad' for many years, and this year is no different, as the band will be playing just across the way, when they perform at the illustrious Fallsview Casino, in Niagara Falls, ON on April 30th.
Prior to the gig, original drummer/founder, Don Brewer, provided Rock Music Star with an exclusive "one on one," discussing all things in the happening at the station of the Grand Funk Railroad.

For full interview, clcik here. 


Interview - Martin Barre

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Guitarist Martin Barre is currently enjoying the second phrase of his extensive music career.  After being a member of one of Rock Music's most legendary bands - Jethro Tull from 1969 to 2014, Barre has re-emerged as a dynamic solo artist.  Although a bit of uncertainly followed after Jethro Tull's leader Ian Anderson decided to end Tull, Barre pulled together and recruited three amazing musicians: Dan Crisp - vocals, Alan Thomson- bass and George Lindsay -drums. 

Martin Barre and band will embark on a North American tour, starting on April 10th at B.B. Kings Blues Club in New York City.  Barre will be performiong a good mix of classic Tull, plus tracks from his groundbreaking 2015 release - 'Back To The Steel.' If you love rock guitar, this is a show you must see. 

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with one and only - Martin Barre. 

For interview, click here


Interview - Kriadiaz - Dave "Gravy" Felton

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

In 2012, when Dave "Gravy" Felton was kicked out of the Cleveland, OH based industrial-metal band, Mushroomhead, many music fans were shocked.  Felton, known as "Gravy" in the band, was a fan-favorite, and the brother of group founder, Steve "Skinny" Felton.  There are two sides to every story, but regardless, the family ties were not enough to keep the Felton brothers together in Mushroomhead.

Felton took very little time to rebound, and he did it in a loud, aggressive way, by unleashing a Heavy Metal/Southern Rock-influenced band called, Kriadiaz.  Felton, along with Mike Ruz - vocals,  Emery Ceo - Drums, and Bryan Trembley – bass, released the first Kriadiaz record in September of 2013, on Pavement Entertainment.  The record was a-14 track, aggressive, passionate, and powerful display of "hillbilly" metal, fueled by Felton's unique mix of metal and country-style chicken-pickin' guitar riffs.

Kriadiaz is currently working on a new release, and has recently played several shows in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.

What follows is an interview with one of the most innovative guitarists in metal music today - Dave "Gravy" Felton.

For full interview, click here.


Concert review - Daryl's House featuring Daryl Hall and John Rzeznik - Seneca Niagara Casino, Niagara Falls, NY - March 26, 2016

Photos/ Review- Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Niagara Falls, NY -

For music fans in Western New York, this performance of Daryl Hall and John Rzeznik, was a rare opportunity to see the Goo Goo Dolls leader perform in a different and unique setting. With limited rehearsal, Hall and Rzeznik, performed together as the fantasy music dream team Buffalonians were waiting for months to see.  The platinum record selling duo provided an enjoyable set, warts and all, on this cold, early spring evening.  The appeal of these, "Live from Daryl's "House" performances, is to keep a loose, unrehearsed feel, almost as if the audience member is getting a glimpse at a first-time jam between two musicians getting acquainted (musically) for the first time, in public.  Rzeznik and Hall kept to the theme all night, keeping in constant eye contact, making sure they were on the same page for these first-time renditions of Goo Goo Dolls and Hall & Oats classics, including: "Kiss on My List," "Private Eyes," and "Did it in a Minute."  Both artists consistantly gauged the crowd's reaction, as well, as perhaps slight adjustments would be made for their following night's performance at the Seneca Allegany Casino, a few hours down the road. 


For full review, click here


Interview - Five Finger Death Punch - Jason Hook

By John Jeffrey

Jason Hook, guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, is a busy man these days.  While gearing up for spring-summer (world) tour dates, starting in April, Hook is currently promoting his documentary film, "Hired Gun."  The cumulative brainchild between Jason Hook (Executive producer) and Fran Strine (director), "Hired Gun" is a feature length documentary which tells the story of several prolific musicians who are virtually unknown to the public. While some people might not know their names or even "care" who they are, these musicians have filled pivotal roles for artists like Billy Joel, KISS, Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica. 
While their names may be "unknown," the fact is, they have played thousands of shows, to millions of music fans who have seen them perform. Tens of millions fans have heard their music. While people may not realize it, these "hired guns" have been quietly ingrained into their memories, as they have performed countless times with their favorite bands - that they gone to see in-concert - and have performed as "ghost musicians" on many studio tracks they have listened to on CD or on the radio.
The "Hired Gun" documentary ultimately poses the question, "Who are these world-class musicians living in the shadow of the spotlight?"  What was their path that got them there?  Why have some succeeded while others have failed?  Why are some in demand while others are beat up, beat down and left for dead in the wreckage of a failed career?  What happens to them?
"Hired Gun" tells the story of these talented musicians and the gig's they've taken; sometimes by choice and sometimes out of necessity.  Collectively, they are a group that possess uncommon musical ability and an uncanny knack for being able to deliver a great performance time and again.  Individually, they are a diverse lot with vastly different backgrounds and experience in the music world.
When I originally saw adverts for this film, it appeared as though it would be a film that would only appeal to the followers of such devout 80's music sites, like "Metal Sludge."  But "Hired Gun" edifies the viewer, showing the need and presence of these "mercenary for hire" musicians spans countless generations of music.
Rock Music Star had the opportunity to have a one on one talk with Jason Hook, and discuss the creative process and everything it took to make the "Hired Gun" film a reality, as Jason was at the SXSW Film Festival preparing the debut screening of "Hired Gun," which was unveiled on March 18th.

For full interview, Click here