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Interview - Ted Nugent

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. 

This summer is going to be a lot louder, now that the Motorcity Madman, Ted Nugent, has announced he is returing to stage after taking last summer off.  Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Ted Nugent is one of a kind, and a true rock music icon.  At 67 years of age, he continues to dominate the stage, with his ferocious guitar playing, legendary songs and controversial stage banter.

The Ted Nugent summer tour kicks off on June 17th, when he headlines the ‘Laconia Fest: Music Motorcycle Fest 2016’ in New Hampshire and will continue all summer long.

What follows is an exclusive interview with the one and only, Ted Nugent!

For interview, click here.


Interview - Paul Nelson

By Thomas S, Orwat Jr. 

Grammy award-winning musician, songwriter and producer, Paul Nelson, has stepped into the spotlight with his new solo band, the Paul Nelson Band, and an amazing record entitled, 'Bad Ass Generation.'  After spending a decade as the musical director of the Johnny Winter band, Nelson decided to put together his own kick-ass, classic rock-style band, following the passing of Winter, in 2014.

'Bad Ass Generation,' is a 12 track epic release that shows Nelson at the top of his game.  It's obvious that the many years working with Winter has greatly influenced Nelson, resulting in him becoming one of the most soulful and dynamic guitarists in rock music today.

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with rock n' blues guitar star, Paul Nelson.

For interview, click here.


Concert review - Foreigner - Seneca Niagara Casino - Niagara Falls, NY - May 13, 2016‏

Review and photos by John Jeffrey
Niagara Falls, NY - As vocalist Kelly Hansen, bassist Jeff Pilson, keyboardist Michael Bluestein, drummer Chris Frazier and guitarists Bruce Watson and Tom Gimbel took the stage as "Foreigner" - minus founding member, guitarist Mick Jones - at the Seneca Niagara Casino on Friday night, this concert was essentially a display of a band becoming more and more comfortable, with not only dipping it's toes, but submerging it's foot into the pool of musical acts who still exist today, and tour without any original members.

For full review, click here.


Interview - Lee Aaron 

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

Although, many may remember her as, "The Metal Queen," Canadian rock goddess, Lee Aaron, has triumphantly returned with an 11-song, rock/pop masterpiece entitled, 'Fire And Gasoline.'  This is Aaron's first studio record in 12 years, and has her collaborating with all-star musician and best-selling author, Sean Kelly. 

'Fire And Gasoline' is an amazing comeback record, and is destined to put Lee Aaron back on the charts.  All 11 tracks on this release are brilliantly crafted, clever, and radio-friendly, and deserves your immediate attention.  This is a truly one to crank up and roll down the windows to! 

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with Lee Aaron. 

For interview, please click here


Concert review - Grand Funk Railroad - Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls, Ont. - April 30, 2016

Review/photos - John Jeffrey

Niagara Falls, ON - As a writer, covering a show by a 'heritage act,' especially in the case of Grand Funk Railroad - who have been performing pretty much the same set list for the better part of the last 2 decades - it can be somewhat tricky.  While the show is always enjoyable, considering every time you see Grand Funk, you're always seeing, essentially, the SAME 'show,' you run the risk of repetition, when reviewing the concert.

For full review, click here.