Keith St. John – Kingdom Come – Audio Interview – 08/21/2020

By Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Classic rockers Kingdom Come will return to the stage on Saturday, September 5, 2020 at 5pm EST for an exclusive PPV concert streaming event (click here for more info).

Kingdom Come currently consists of original members: James Kottak – drums, Danny Stag – guitar, Rick Steier – guitar, Johnny “JB” Frank -bass, and new vocalist Keith St. John, formerly of Montrose.

Kingdom Come frontman Keith St. John recently discussed this event with us here at RMS during our “Glam Metal Interview Series” – Episode #8 podcast,(located below). Here what he said.

Keith St. John : This year, 2020 was really going to be our break-out year. This was the year that our agency, which we recently signed with, was going to insert us into all kinds of bigger festivals shows. We had a gig along-side Guns n’ Roses over at Sweden Rocks, and all sorts of gigs at that type of level this year.

So, I think for the guys in this band, it was a little bit disappointing that things happened the way they did with COVID and the timing. As far as the show on Sept 5th, this is the one gig of the year that we are going to get the band together because we are on opposite sides of the country. One guy is in Florida, one in Pennsylvania, and the rest of us are out in the L.A. area. It’s not easy with this isolation and pandemic for us to get together and do anything. Even when they do start opening things up, I think that we will take a little bit longer before we get out together again.

So this show on Sept 5th is really a big experience for us as far as the planning it took to get everyone together. Since we are incurring a little more expenses to do it, we are putting it out there as a pay per view concert. Hopefully, the $12.00 (pre-sale) ticket price won’t be inhibiting to people. Still, that’s a pretty cheap price to go out and see a real rock concert, or I should say, stay in and see a real rock concert. (laughs) We are trying to pull out all the stops, we have the “VIP Kingdom Experience,” which comes with a Show Ticket • Signed Event Poster • Exclusive Event T Shirt • Signed Set List • Signed Drum Head • Custom Event Button • 3 Chances to WIN A SIGNED GUITAR • Behind the Scenes Video • and Exclusive Zoom Meet & Greet with the Band.

It’s also really easy for people to sign up and get a ticket ahead of time and get a code. The payment method is very secure. You get a code and it’s a no brainer. For those wondering if you can share a code, no you can’t. If one code is entered twice, that code is bumped out of the system.

We are really lucky that the owners of ‘Monsters of Rock’ cruise hooked up with the different online paid-per view distributors and could arrange this so well.

We will be playing songs from first two Kingdom Come records, plus we are planning on debuting some new material that we’ve been jamming. We are in the mists of working it up right now. I personally love to play stuff forward and give the audience something new. This concert that we play we will not be repeating anywhere on-line, or available anywhere other than pay-per view. I think having new music is a nice bonus for fans who are willing to spend just a few dollars to see one of their favorite bands. The link for the event is here!!!!!

What follows is our exclusive audio interview with Keith St. John.

For more on Keith St. John, please visit


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