Phil Varone – Panic Boom, Saigon Kick, Skid Row (2000-2004), Red Dragon Cartel – Rock Interview Series- Episode #46 Video Interview


Welcome to episode # 46 of the Rock Interview Series with special guest drummer, songwriter, author, actor -Phil Varone.

Phil started his professional music career In 1988, when he helped form the hard-rock band Saigon Kick. Within 2 years, Atlantic Records signed to Saigon Kick to a recording contract and the band released their debut record in 1991. Saigon Kick then toured the world with some of the biggest bands in rock music.

In 1992. Saigon Kick released their second record, “The Lizard” and had a top 10 single with the track, “Love is On the Way.”

Phil remained with Saigon Kick until 1996.

In 2000, Phil joined the multi-platinum band, Skid Row. Soon after, Skid Row and went out on tour as the support act for the original member KISS farewell tour, that also featured Ted Nugent. In 2003, Skid Row released the well crafted record “Thick Skin”.

While a still a member of Skid Row, Phil performed briefly with the Vince Neil Band.

In 2004, Phil quit Skid Row and the music business, and focused on being an actor and author.

Phil returned to play drums in 2012, when Saigon Kick reformed, he played with the band until 2015

Then in 2018, Phil joined Red Dragon Cartel, featuring former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake. E. Lee. Phil toured and recorded one album with the band.

Recently, Phil has resurrected a side project called Panic Boom, which he started over 25 years ago. Panic Boom released their first single “Revolution” earlier this year.

What follows is exclusive interview with Phill Varone, in which he talks about his new project Panic Boom, and his time with Saigon Kick, Skid Row, Vince Neil Band , Red Dragon Cartel and much more!

For more on Panic Boom, visit

For more on Phil Varone visit

For interview, click directly below.


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