Kurt Deimer & Phil X – Rock Interview Series Episode #47 – video interview

Welcome to episode # 47 of the Rock Interview Series with guests singer/songwriter/actor -Kurt Deimer and Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X.

Kurt Deimer is a man on a mission. After walking away from the music business at the age of 20, Deimer decided instead to focus on family and building a very lucrative career. When he returned to the music business, decades later, he was ready to do it right.

Kurt Deimer recruited Bon Jovi virtuoso guitarist Phil X to be in his band, and together and they forged a hard hitting , unique sound. The two of them have a truly undeniable chemistry in the studio and on the stage.

The first Kurt Deimer release ‘Work Hard, Rock Hard’ come out in November 2021. One of the tracks, “Burn Together” featured legendary vocalist Geoff Tate. Deimer also opened many shows for Tate soon after.

Kurt Deimer will be releasing a new single on May 6th called “Hero.” He is currently on tour as direct support for guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen.

For more on Kurt Deimer, visit www.kurtdeimer.com


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