RIGGS – Scum Of The Earth, Rob Zombie band (1997-2003) – Rock Interview Series- Episode #57- video interview

Welcome to episode # 57 of the Rock Interview Series. For this feature the guest is Riggs, the guitarist/singer /songwriter and leader of the metal band – Scum of the Earth.

Scum of the Earth have just released a brand new hard hitting single called “Ziggurats of Mesopotamia.”

Riggs formed Scum of the Earth in 2003, since then the band has released three full length records: “Blah…Blah…Blah…Love Songs for the New Millennium” (2004) “Sleaze Freak” (2007) and “The Devil Made Me Do It”(2012).

Prior to Scum of the Earth, Riggs was the lead guitarist in the Rob Zombie band from 1997-2003. During that time he record two studio releases with Zombie, “Hellbilly Deluxe” and “The Sinister Urge”

What follows is an exclusive interview with Riggs in which he talks about his future plans, his time in the Rob Zombie band and much more.

For more on Riggs and Scum Of The Earth, please visit www.scumoftheearth.com

Interview click below.

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