Mercury – PRIEST – Rock Interview Series #56- video interview


Welcome to episode # 56 of the Rock Interview Series. The guest for this feature is Mercury, singer -songwriter of the cyber-punk, dark synth band – Priest.

Priest was formed in 2015 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. They wear masks to hide their real identity and are referred to by their single word stage names.

In addition to vocalist and band leader Mercury, Priest also consists of two keyboardists – Salt and Sulfer. Both Mercury, Salt and producer Simon Söderberg were once members of the Swedish hard rock, arena headlining band – Ghost.

Priest just recently released their third full length record, “Body Machine” on July 15th on CLEOPATRA RECORDS. This very innovative 10 track, critically acclaimed released is causing huge buzz! The first single from the record, “A Signal In the Noise” was featured in the recent Mel Gibson movie, “Hot Seat.”

What follows is an exclusive interview with Mercury is which he talks about the “Body Machine” release, the past history and future plans of Priest and his time in the band Ghost.

For more on PRIEST, please visit

To purchase Body Machine, visit Cleopatra records here.


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