Brian Wheat – TESLA – Rock Interview Series #72 – 04/05/2023

Welcome to episode #72 of the Rock Interview Series! For this feature, Brian Wheat, bass player and co-founder of the multi-platinum selling band Tesla as my special guest.

During this interview, Brian talks about Tesla’s current “Time to Rock ” tour, his move to Auburn, NY, the status of original drummer Troy Luccketta, working with Phil Collen of Def Leppard on the last Tesla studio record “Shock”, his ultimate line-up for a Stadium tour and much, much more.

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Brian discussed his longtime bandmate’s absence from TESLA‘s concerts during a new interview with Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. of the Rock Interview Series. Asked if Troy is still a member of TESLAWheat said in part (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “He’s not touring [with us]. There’ll be an official statement soon — very soon. But no. He’s kind of doing his own thing, and we’re kind of doing our own thing. And we’re working out all that stuff.

“Listen, I love Troy Luccketta; he’s my brother,” Brian continued. “We all love Troy. It just came to a point where we just weren’t on the same page anymore as to what we wanted to do. It’s not like we had this big massive fight or anything. It’s just you start out like this [holds two fingers close together] and then sometimes you go like this [holds two fingers wide apart]. And that gap just got too wide. And he said, ‘Look, maybe it’s better if I don’t do this.’ And we said, ‘Okay. Maybe it is.’ He’s out, I think, playing with THE GUESS WHO or something… So he’s out playing. So it’s not like he retired. He’s not playing in TESLA. And who knows? Maybe one day there’ll be some reunion tour — [when we do] the last final lap… But that’s not now. And who knows? Things always could change and whatever.

“So, to answer your question, Troy is not playing in TESLA,” Wheat repeated. “Will he ever come back? Who knows? We’ll see. Maybe one day [he will]. But right now we’re sorting out all the shit that you’ve gotta sort out. And there’s no bad blood.”


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