Vinny Appice – Last in Line- 04/05/2021 video interview

Vinny Appice - Black Sabbath, DIO, Heaven & Hell, Derringer, John Lennon, Drum Wars - "Glam Metal" Interview Series Episode #19 By Thomas S, Orwat, Jr. What follows is an exclusive interview with rock music legend, drummer Vinny Appice. During this interview, Vinny discusses his amazing career. From performing with John Lennon, to joining Derringer... Continue Reading →

Ronnie James Dio – 02/03/1994

You’re all fools, Dio Rules!!! Interview by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. The world may be full of kings and queens, but there’s definitely only one Ronnie James Dio. With the release of his new CD “Strange Highways,” Ronnie James has proven once again that no matter what musical trends are in, his music will always... Continue Reading →

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