APPICE – “MONSTERS & HEROES” A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio song/video.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the passing of legendary metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio. As a tribute, the band APPICE has put together a truly powerful song/video to commemorate the life of Ronnie James Dio entitled "Monsters & Heroes." The band APPICE consists of Ronnie's former drummer in DIO, Heaven & Hell, and Black... Continue Reading →

Ronnie James Dio – 02/03/1994

You’re all fools, Dio Rules!!! Interview by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. The world may be full of kings and queens, but there’s definitely only one Ronnie James Dio. With the release of his new CD “Strange Highways,” Ronnie James has proven once again that no matter what musical trends are in, his music will always... Continue Reading →

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