Anvil – Buffalo Ironworks, Buffalo, NY – 05/02/2018

Review by John Jeffrey, photos by Thomas S. Orwat Jr. Buffalo, NY - On a dull Wednesday night in Western New York, the legendary Canadian metal band, Anvil, started their 2018 "Pounding the Pavement" U.S. tour at the Ironworks bar in downtown Buffalo. The opening night of the tour already started out with 'Spinal Tap'-ish... Continue Reading →

Emily and Mark – Night Club – Interview

"For the longest time, people were like, 'You wear skinny ties and new wave haircuts.' It’s like, 'No, man. We wear leather jackets and we like AC/DC. We just have synthesizers.'" - Mark Brooks of Night Club describing the band's innovative, unique and heavy sound. By Thomas S. Orwat Jr. Night Club is a Los... Continue Reading →

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