Dave Constantino Band – Artpark, Lewiston, NY – July 12,2011

Review/photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Lewiston, NY – Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee and ex-Talas guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, Dave Constantino and band, played to an appreciative audience of over 9,000 on Tuesday evening, opening for the multi-platinum selling, southern pop band .38 Special. The 57 year old guitar legend was all smiles, as he dazzled and captivated the music loving audience, with his flawless execution of his unique style of rock and blues. Much of his hour long performance focused on his critically acclaimed 2007 debut CD “Bump in the Road,” but he also played a couple of covers, and a few new tracks from his forthcoming CD, scheduled to be released in December.

Constantino and band, which consists of two outstanding superstar musicians, veteran drummer David Pressley and bassist Jim Wynne, kicked off the evening with a rousing version of “Bump in the Road.” At this point, it was obvious that the band was in ‘the zone,’ and were focused for this show. He then followed with, “Where You Hidin,” in which Constantino, with his trademark Les Paul, blew the audience away. (Please check out our exclusive video of this performance below).

Before the band broke into “Fit to be Tied,” Constantino explained that .38 Special leader, Don Barnes, remembered him from back in the 70’s, when .38 Special opened for Dave, while he was in Talas (which also included bass superstar Billy Sheehan. Next to the Goo Goo Dolls, Talas are the biggest band ever to come out of Buffalo.) He also explained that everyone in his band was a big fan of .38 Special, and they were honored that they had the opportunity to open for them.

Soon after, Constantino broke out a new track “Touch,” which is an impressive and passionate song that showcases his innovative songwriting skills. Judging by the crowds reaction, Constantino should have a big hit on his hands with this one. The evening ended with an all out blistering version of the Hendrix classic “Manic Depression” (which is also a track he covered on his “Bump in the Road” release). Constantino left with the crowd begging for more, just like back in the days with Talas.

Constantino is one of the few players that has successfully made the transition from a straight up rock guitarist, to a rock/blues superstar. If you liked him in Talas, you must hear him now. Honestly, he keeps getting better and better every time I see him perform, proving to be an extremely talented musician that deserves to be heard. On this evening, he was simply untouchable, and with all due respect to .38 Special, Constantino stole the show.

For more on Dave Constantino, including information on how to buy his CD, please go to www.daveconstantino.com


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