Molly Hatchet – Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel, Batavia, NY – 07/02/2021

By Thomas S, Orwat, Jr.

Batavia, NY – The iconic Southern rock band Molly Hatchet performed at the Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel last Friday night to a good size and very enthusiastic crowd. This was the forth concert of the “Rockin’ the Downs Concert Series 2021.” Although the scattered rain storms throughout the day made many wonder if this concert was going to be postponed, but by time Molly Hatchet hit the stage at 8:30 pm there was no rain for their entire, almost 2 hour long, hit filled performance.

Molly Hatchet who currently consists of Bobby Ingram – guitars (1987–present), John Galvin – keyboards, piano (1984–1990, 1995–present), Shawn Beamer – drums, percussion (2001–present), Tim Lindsey – bass (2003–present) and Jimmy Elkins – lead vocals (2019–present) released an incredible live record entitled “Battleground” on November 29, 2019.

Although the legitimacy of this line-up of Molly Hatchet is often questioned, because no original members are in the current band. The simple fact is that all of the original members of Molly Hatchet, who formed in 1971 in Jacksonville, Florida, are all now deceased. The current Molly Hatchet is a great group of all-star musicians who have played in the band for decades and have delivered on every performance and recording.

Bobby Ingram, who is the leader of the band and owner of the trademark Molly Hatchet has done a fantastic job of keeping the legacy of Molly Hatchet relevant for decades. He should be praised for his efforts.

Highlights of this show included an epic version of “Edge of Sundown / Fall of the Peacemakers” that featured the soaring guitar work of Bobby Ingram meshed in with the melodic keyboards of John Galvin and a cover of the Derek And The Dominos hit “Layla,” which was dedicated to all the past members of Molly Hatchet who have died.

Molly Hatchet is currently on the road and if you love southern rock you must see this band live!

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For more on the Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel, Batavia , NY -“Rockin’ the Downs Concert Series 2021” please click here.


Whiskey Man
Bounty Hunter
Gator Country
It’s All Over Now
One Man’s Pleasure
Devil’s Canyon
Drum Solo
Beatin’ the Odds
Gonna Live ’til I Die
In the Darkness of the Night
Edge of Sundown / Fall of the Peacemakers
Son Of The South
Jukin’ City
Dreams I’ll Never See

The Journey
Flirtin’ With Disaster


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