Seether – Buffalo Harbor, Buffalo, NY – 07/12/2012

Photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Buffalo, NY – The South-African post-grunge/alternative band, Seether played a high energy, 90 minute set to a massive, record setting crowd in downtown Buffalo.  This was another free show sponsored by Buffalo Place.  Seether, led by Shaun Morgan-vocals/guitar with Dale Stewart-bass and John Humphrey-drums, was focused and fed off of the energy of the appreciative crowd of all ages.  The band played a good mix of tracks from their five album catalog, including their current hit, “The Cowboy Song,” and a cool all acoustic version of “Broken.”

For information on upcoming shows at the Buffalo Harbor, please visit

Fur Cue
Fine Again
Driven Under
Drum Solo
No Resolution
Country Song
The Gift
Rise Above This
Fake It

Special thanks to Jackie Jonmaire for the press credentials.


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