Pinky Doodle Poodle – 11/15/2017

By Thomas S. Orwat Jr.

The Alternative rock band from Toyko Japan, Pinky Doodle Poodle, will be releasing their fourth studio release, “Poodle Boogie,” on this Friday, Nov 17th.  This guitar-driven, catchy, five-song EP is an impressive effort from two very creative, innovative and talented musicians: George on guitar, and Yuria on bass/vocals.  The dynamic duo has greatly progressed in their songwriting skills since signing with Good Charamel Records, the label owned/operated by the Goo Goo Dolls’ – Robby Takac in 2014.

Pinky Doodle Poodle  toured the USA last summer, winning over many fans along the way. The band plans on coming back in 2018. Don’t miss them if they come to your town.

What follows is an exclusive Rock Music Star interview with rock music’s new superstars- Pinky Doodle Poodle.

Rock Music Star: Hello, and thank you for taking the time to chat with us about your new five-song EP, “Poodle Boogie.”  I feel that it is your best release yet.  This is your fourth release on Good Charamel Records.  How gratifying was it to record it, and why did you decide to release an EP, as opposed to a full LP?



Pinky Doodle Poodle: Hello, Rock Music Star!!  It’s our pleasure to talk with you.  And we are very glad to hear that you think our new EP is our best release.  George wrote some new songs at the beginning of this year, and then the last summer tour was scheduled, so we decided to record them in a hurry.  All guitar, bass and vocal tracks were recorded by ourselves in Japan.  Michael Lasaponara played the all drum tracks at GCR audio, which is run by Robby Takac, in Buffalo, NY.  And then, Robby mixed it.  To be honest with you, there was not enough time to record more songs.

RMS: Since you signed with Good Charamel Records in 2014, you have spent a a good amount of time in America.  How do you feel your time here has influenced or inspired you as musicians and song writers?

PDP: We always have a great time in the US.  It took a long time to get our visa, but so far, we could record three albums at GCR audio in Buffalo, NY, and do some US tours.  We are always PDP, but spending time in America drives us to make more music because we want the audience to have a good relationship with PDP music.

PDP 2 rms

RMS: Pinky Doodle Poodle toured North America this past summer.  Do you have any upcoming tour plans to come back to North America and promote, “Poodle Boogie,” in the near future?  If so, when?

PDP: Yes, we did a North American tour, with many, many shows on the east coast.  For now, we don’t have any plans for next tour, but we want to be back in US soon and promote this album.  We know that live performance is the best way to promote and spread PDP ourselves, and our music, in the US.

RMS: What were some of the highlights of your 2017 summer North American tour?

PDP: The gigs in Tampa, FL, and Greenville, SC, were outstandingly great.  Fortunately, we could shoot the video at “Radio Room,” in Greenville, SC.  The sound of the video might not be good enough, but you can see that the audience really enjoyed our gig.  The audience in that video always makes us happy.  And, we also did an opening slot for the Goo Goo Dolls twice, and then Robby joined us on stage at, “MUSIC IS ART,” in Buffalo,NY, and finally performed our cover of, “Action,” by The Sweet that he recorded with us on our last release!

pdp 2017 1 rms

RMS: If you could pick any two bands to tour with, who would they be?

PDP: AC/DC and Alice Cooper.  George loves AC/DC.  PDP likes to use old guitars, basses and amps.  AC/DC’s sound is one of our favorite Marshall amp sounds.

Alice Cooper shared our music video, “KICK OUT THE JAMS,” on his radio program.  We want him to watch our live performance of this song.

RMS: Is becoming more successful in America your priority now, as opposed to furthering your success in Japan?

PDP: Yes, it is!!  From the very beginning, we really wanted to focus on our career outside of Japan.

RMS: What type of music is popular in Japan currently?  Who are some of the most popular artists over there?   

PDP: We are not very familiar with the modern Japanese musical scene…we guess J-pop, K-pop and Anime music are still very popular in Japan.  Maybe, “Arashi,” (boys group) is very popular in Japan…we checked the Japanese chart just now!!

RMS: Tell us about the inspiration, and message behind each song on the EP?


Click above for more info.1 Feel The Sensation

– Riff song.  Also trio-style rock and powerful song.

2 Change The World

– John Lee Hooker or south American boogie style song.  If possible, we want ZZ top to listen this song and would like to ask how they think!!

3 Freely!

– American and British boogie song.  This song is very short, but has some movements.

4 Jump In!

– Very pop song.  It keeps same groove consistently.  We want the audience to jump up during our gig.

5 Aspiration

– Fast tempo groove and punk song.  We are looking forward to play this next tour.  The lyrics of all songs have the positive feeling and message.  We don’t have typical love songs.

The trailer of “POODLE BOOGIE”

RMS: Your record label owner/producer -Robby Takac- has had incredible success with his band, the Goo Goo Dolls.  What are some of the most valuable lessons that you have learned from working with him?

PDP: Robby is a great person, always humble and way kind!!  He lets us have our own way, basically.  Sometimes he gives us some advice and thoughts on our way.  Some of the most valuable lessons are … being humble, being kind, being punctual, keeping our words. T his seems to be easy, but it’s really difficult.

RMS: On the other hand, what do you think that Robby has learned from working with you?

PDP: It’s a very tough question….maybe he has nothing…just kidding.  If possible,we’d like to ask him!!

RMS: Thank you again for your time answering my questions.  I really love the EP, it has very catchy songs, and great guitar work.  I wish you both the best.

PDP: Thank you, you too!!  We are very glad to hear that you enjoy our new EP.  Hope everyone loves this EP, and see you all in the next US tour!!


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