Uli Jon Roth – Buffalo Ironworks, Buffalo, NY 04/30/2019

A truly fascinating performance by one of rock’s elite musicians.

Photos by Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

Buffalo, NY – The legendary guitar virtuoso and former member of the Scorpions, Uli Jon Roth, played a two set, three hours long, epic show to a small but very loyal and appreciative audience on Tuesday evening in downtown Buffalo. This was the first time that Uli Jon Roth has ever played in Buffalo, NY.

Uli is currently on his North American leg of his “Triple Anniversary Tour.” This tour commemorates Uli’s 50 years of performing, and also is one of his most ambitious ever.

He performance was broken up in two parts.  The first concentrated mostly on material that Uli performed and wrote after he left the Scorpions in 1977.  The second half consisted of Scorpions songs from 1973-1978 and a few classic covers.

The second part of the evening, commenced with Uli taking center stage, sans band, with his beautiful Sky acoustic guitar. He started performing the breathtaking, “Passage to India.” A few in the audience were rudely still taking. Uli gave them a second, but then shot them a death stare and immediately hushed them up. A masterclass musician such as Uli deserves and demands silence when performing such a dramatic composition.

In summary, the show was beyond incredible. Uli is one of the most innovative musicians in world, and he certainly has a top-notch band backing him up. He was one of the very first rock guitarist’ to incorporate classical and flamenco music into rock music. Watching Uli perform magic on his seven string Sky guitar, which he helped develop and design, was a truly unique concert experience.

From more details on this tour and on Uli’s amazing 50 year long career, please check out our exclusive interview with Uli here.

Sky Overture
Indian Dawn
Electric Sun
Sun in My Hand
Don’t Tell the Wind
Just Another Rainbow
I’ll Be There
Enola Gay (Hiroshima Today?)

Set 2:
Passage to India
We’ll Burn the Sky
In Trance
Pictured Life
Catch Your Train
All Along the Watchtower
Yellow Raven
The Sails of Charon

Opening the show was the Jim Crean band, who rocked the audience with a set of classic hard-rock favorites.

For more on Uli Jon Roth, please visit www.ulijonroth.com 

Thank you to Chip Ruggieri for credentials.

UJR 2019 IMG_8098


UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8249

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8212

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8209

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8166

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8131

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8125

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8109

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8104

UJR RMS 2019 IMG_8091

UJR 2019 RMS IMG_8220

UJR 2019 RMS IMG_7990

UJR 2019 IMG_8232

UJR 2019 IMG_8029

UJR 2019 IMG_8025UJR RMS IMG_8265


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