Kurt Frohlich – L.A. Guns (Riley/Nickels version) – 01-22-2021 – video interview

By Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.

On November 13, 2020, glam-metal band L.A. Guns, featuring Steve Riley – drums, Kelly Nickels- bass, Scott Griffin- guitar, and Kurt Frohlich – vocalist / guitar, released an intense, musically diverse 10 track record entitled, ‘Renegades.’ This was this particular line-up’s first release.

While the bickering over who owns the rights to the L.A. Guns name continues, (click here to read the full story of the band name controversy) this version of L.A. Guns is ready to move forward.

What follows is episode #14 of the “Glam Metal Interview Series,” featuring an exclusive video interview with Kurt Frohlich. During this interview, Frohlich discusses the ongoing saga of the L.A. Guns battle of the name, the “Renegades” record, his time in Faster Pussycat, and much more.


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