Lawrence Gowan- STYX – Rock Interview Series #32 – video interview


Welcome to episode #32 of the Rock Interview Series! FOR INTERVIEW CLICK HERE

This episode features keyboardist/singer/songwriter/composer – Lawrence Gowan of the legendary band STYX.

During this exclusive interview, Lawrence discusses the EPIC new STYX release: “Crash Of the Crown,” which was released on June 18th. This is the seventeenth studio album release by STYX and the forth that features Lawrence, who replaced original STYX vocalist/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung in 1999.

In addition, we discuss Lawrence’s solo band – Gowan, which released their debut album in 1982, and had two hits that dominated rock radio in Canada, Western New York and Cleveland in 1985 with the tracks “A Criminal Mind” and “(You’re a) Strange Animal.”

We talk about this and much, much more.

So here he is – Lawrence Gowan!!!

For more on STYX, please visit


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