John Payne- ASIA featuring John Payne – Rock Interview Series- Episode #53- video interview


Welcome to episode # 53 of the Rock Interview Series. For this feature, I have -John Payne vocalist/bass player/songwriter of the prog-rock band ASIA featuring John Payne AS MY GUEST.

John Payne joined the multi-platinum band ASIA in 1992, after original member John Wetton left the band. Payne was in ASIA for the next 14 years and during that time recorded eight amazing records with the band.

In 2007, shortly after ASIA reunited with the original members, Payne was given the right to continue under the name ASIA featuring John Payne.

ASIA featuring John Payne is currently on the “Double Anniversary Tour” to commemorate the original band’s 1982 debut album, and Payne first record with ASIA the 1992 “Aqua” release.

What follows is an exclusive interview with John Payne in which he discusses his upcoming tour dates, past history and his plans for the future.

For more on John Payne, please visit www.asiafeaturing

click above for an exclusive interview with John Payne

ASIA live 2004


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