Sam Spade – The Midnight Devils – Rock Interview Series #54 – video interview


Welcome to episode # 54 of the Rock Interview Series. For this feature, the dynamic Sam Spade vocalist/bass player/songwriter of the glam -sleaze, power trio – The Midnight Devils, is the guest.

The Midnight Devils, who in addition to Spade, consists of Chris ‘Sniper’ Hineline on guitar, and Jimmy Mess on drums, just released their second record, “Never Beg For It,” which was produced by Chip Z’Nuff.

” Never Beg For It” is an 11 track, high energy assault- influenced by some of the greatest pioneers of early glam rock and the Sunset Strip.

Some of the stand out tracks on this release include: “Sound of Domination,” “Highway 69” and “White Line Fever”

The Midnight Devils, recently completed the Glam Slam Metal Jam 2022 with Enuff Z’ Nuff and Pretty Boy Floyd. The band with also be performing at the Rock Fest in Cadott WI on Thursday, July 14th.

What follows is an exclusive interview with Sam Spade, in which he talks about the formation of The Midnight Devils, the “Never Beg For It” release and much more.

For more on The Midnight Devils including CD’s and Swag, please visit


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