Gene Barnett & Jason McMaster – Dirty Looks– Rock Interview Series #55 – video interview


Welcome to episode # 55 of the Rock Interview Series. For this feature, vocalist Jason McMaster and drummer Gene Barnett from the band Dirty Looks are the guests.

Dirty Looks was formed in 1984 and based out of Erie, PA. In 1987 they were signed to Atlantic records and released two incredible releases: “Cool From The Wire” in 1988 and “Turn Of The Screw” in 1989. Shortly after that they were dropped from Atlantic Records, recording but band leader, Henrik Ostergaard continued on with various band line-ups until his death in January 2011.

The current version of Dirty Looks features classic line-up members: Gene Barnett – drums, Paul Lidel- guitar and Jack Pyers-bass along with Jason McMaster from the band Dangerous Toys and also Broken Teeth on vocals and Dave Beeson from Broken Teeth on guitar.

Dirty Looks recently released an incredible live CD/DVD set entitled, “Cool From The Speedway (LIVE).

What follows is an exclusive interview with Gene Barnett and Jason McMaster in watch they discuss the relaunch of Dirty Looks, the past history of both Dirty Looks and Dangerous Toys, and the futures plans for Dirty Looks.

For more on Dirty Looks, please visit

Also, check out the Talk Louder podcast which Jason McMaster is co-host. Click here.



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