Kopek – Boulevard Mall , Amherst, NY – May 17, 2011

“Karousing with Kopek”
Review by John Jeffrey , Photos by Thomas S., Orwat Jr.

Amherst, NY – Ever since Thomas (RockMusicStar.com webmaster) and I attended Kopek’s private acoustic show (here in Buffalo) not too long ago, we’ve both been sold on the fact that Kopek is an amazing band, on the verge of being hugely successful. So when it was confirmed that Kopek would be coming back to the area, opening for Hinder (in Niagara Falls, NY), I was really psyched to go see them live – full on electric.

As the show date approached, we started reading and hearing advertisements, all over the place, that Kopek would be doing an instore, and an acoustic show, for fye at the Boulevard mall, on the same day as their show opening for Hinder (May 17th). On that rainy Tuesday afternoon, me and my cohort in crime, Diana MacDonald, headed to the mall for the instore. Once we got there, it seemed as though the world had imploded and we were the last surviving members, as there was no one there. As we approached the food court area, where Kopek’s mini stage was set, it was clear the band was going to experience their very own Spinal Tap moment.
The band arrived, set up, and performed, not even acknowledging the small turn out for the event. They took it like champs, and played like there was 10,000 people there and they were filming for MTV Unplugged. Being complete professionals, they rocked out a handful of songs from their “White Collar Lies” CD and joked to the food court crowd about where they should eat. After their acoustic set, they signed autographs and posed for pictures, as quite a few strangers were instantly won over by their sincere, soulful brand of rock.

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