A Tribute to Phil Naro 1958- 2021 with Mitch Perry and Jim Crean

By Joseph Suto and Thomas S, Orwat, Jr.

We are extremely saddened by the recent passing of Phil Naro. Phil was an icon in the music industry and was immensely popular in the Western, NY region as well as in southern Ontario. Phil is widely known as the lead singer for Talas from 1983-86 and they recently recorded a new studio album. He also played with numerous musicians both locally as well as nationally. We reached out to two prominent musicians that were very close to Phil.

Guitarist Mitch Perry played with Phil in the Buffalo, NY based hard rock band- Talas from 1983-1984 and recorded the critically acclaimed Live Speed On Ice album. Buffalo Music Hall Of Fame inductee Jim Crean grew up heavily influenced by Phil. They became fast friends and forged a strong relationship ever since which has resulted in them writing over 300 songs together. Sit back as we reflect on the brilliance of this one of a kind singer and songwriter. Phil loved music and performing but on top of that Phil was a caring and humble person with a big heart.


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