Chuck Garric & Calico Cooper – Beasto Blanco – audio interview

By John Jeffrey

Beasto Blanco; the band comprised of Chuck Garric (long time Alice Cooper bassist) on guitars and vocals, Calico Cooper on vocals, Brother Latham on guitars, Jan LeGrow on bass and Sean Sellers on drums,will release their 3rd studio album ‘We Are’ on May 24, 2019 via Rat Pak Records. ‘We Are’ is the follow up album to their highly successful 2016 self-titled sophomore release, ‘Beasto Blanco.’

While currently on tour with Halestorm, Rock Music Star had the great opportunity to talk to both Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper in a tag-team, Battle Royale style interview. In the opposing corner was RMS’s very own, John Jeffrey. John held his own throughout this once in a lifetime slobber nocker and didn’t tap out until after about 20 minutes of some nasty, throw down, rock and roll jibber jabber.

Listen on as to how the match unfolded, as in between choke holds and arm bars, both Chuck and Calico dropped some tasty nuggets on their new Beasto Blanco album, ‘We Are’ and also discussed their careers with, and the potential end of, Alice Cooper.

For more on Beasto Blanco, please visit


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